Journey Home

The most important journey you will ever take is not the one to fame, fortune or world recognition; it is the journey that will bring you home to your true authenticity.


Kari’s compassion is huge! That alone is worth every moment of time spent with her. My session was transformational. I was able to have a meaningful connection with my daughter, who passed away last year. Prior to this session I was very challenged connecting with her, and that all fell away during my time with Kari. She is incredibly gifted and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


I am so incredibly grateful to Kari for the work she does. This was my first experience with shamanic work and I didn’t really know what to expect. She was very professional and explained in detail what she was going to do and continued to explain what was happening through out the session and what to do and expect afterward. It was an extremely powerful experience and I am so thankful and relieved I asked for her help. I felt calm and confident after we were finished and felt like I was busting at the seems with joy. I wanted to shout from the rooftops I felt like ME finally. I am very excited to see how my energy continues to transform over the next few weeks. Thank you Kari! From the bottom of my heart and soul, Thank you!